The Global Service Initiatives focus the efforts of Lions on five primary service areas with the goal of tripling our humanitarian impact by serving 200 million people per year by 2021. The Global Service Initiatives complement all of the great ways clubs serve locally, and gives Lions new opportunities to help meet the growing challenges facing humanity.. No matter how you choose to serve, Lions matter now more than ever!


    Lions save sight. At our annual convention in 1925, Helen, Keller challenged Lions to become “Knights of the Blind” during her historic speech., Since that time, we have improved eye health and eye care for hundreds of millions of people, including here in High Point and around the world. Today, 80% of vision impairments are preventable or curable, so our services are more important than ever before. The High Point Lions Club is committed to screen and help those with visual impairments, educate our communities, and support the blind and visually impaired through assistive technology and vocational training programs. We work to preserve the precious gift of sight for our community and the world. We are always wanting to have people in the High Point Lions Club who have their passion for sight conservation as we do! Would you like to join us?



    Diabetes contributes to more than 5 million deaths a year, making it the eighth-leading cause of death in the world and the numbers are rising. Lions are confronting this global health emergency by raising awareness of diabetes through Strides events, expanding access to care through screening and treatment programs, and improving quality of life through diabetes camps and community recreational programs. We believe we can help prevent and control this global epidemic by uniting Lions around this cause.


    The health of our planet is essential to life. The environment impacts the quality of our air and water, the availability of food and medicine, the health and beauty of our local communities, and the future of us all. Lions are meeting environmental challenges at the local and global level by planting trees, organizing recycling programs, providing clean drinking water and cleaning up communities to help preserve our environment for generations to come. We believe that a healthy planet is fundamental to the wellbeing of all.


    Nearly one billion people go to bed hungry every night. That’s why Lions are hard at work addressing this global need by providing help and hope to the children, families and neighbors who need it most. Lions distribute food to school children, stock food banks, create sustainable community gardens and lead community food drives to fight hunger where they live and work. We work to sustain life and dignity for the most vulnerable among those in our community.


    Children are a gift to the world, yet every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer and less than half of the world’s children have access to effective care. Children who survive cancer are often left with debilitating effects that can impact their physical development and ability to learn. That’s why Lions are answering the call to expand access to life-saving treatment and support the children and families who need us most. We are working to give children with cancer a second chance at life.